WDBKA ticking over!

Covid-19 has not stopped the WDBKA from holding their latest committee meeting. We all used Zoom to come together to review the season thus far and consider our future needs.

The agenda covered the cancellation of the Melplash Show and explored how we might replace the opportunity to raise funds through the sale of the apiary honey.

The Apiary Management Committee provided an update on the WDBKA colonies – two teams have offered to alternate each week to ensure that the bees continue to thrive. There are a good number of supers in use already!

The Asian Hornet traps are well placed across West Dorset and feed back to our co-ordinator suggests that there are large numbers of queen wasps and European Hornets dropping by to sample the Trappit lure … fortunately, no Asian Hornets … yet.

There have been a lot of European hornets to enjoy … no yellow stockings here!

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