Swarming is an entirely natural activity, and is the bees’ way of perpetuating the colony by the old queen and her flying bees leaving to find a new home.

They wait a short distance from their old hive while they send out scouts to find suitable accomodation; during the summer, you may find a ball of bees hanging from a branch, or in a hedgerow, awaiting their reports before making a decision and moving on.  Usually, that’s the last you see of them, but occasionally they may end up in a chimney or in other parts of buildings where they can cause a nuisance.

If you do find a swarm, please get in touch with us, and we’ll try to come out to collect it.

Have a look at this information sheet sheet to help you to identify whether you have a swarm of honey bees … or bumble bees!

Contact Information



WDBKA Swarm 


Bridport area


Carole Brown


01308 456210


07527 781039



Burton Bradstock


Terry Knight


07831 410702




Liz Moxom



01308 485504


Toller Porcorum



Peter Crabbe


07484 103055


Maiden Newton


Trevor Ford



07778 268323


Sydling St Nicholas


Chris Thompson



01300 341888  


Chideock and west



Sarah More


01297 489489


Marshwood area



Caroline Dilke




01297 678741


07543 709846  


For other areas in Dorset, please contact the local associations.  You can find their contact details through the Dorset County Beekeepers Association website.
If you’d like to know more about swarms, there’s some information on the British Beekeepers Association website, including guidance on distinguishing between honeybees, bumblebees and wasps. You will also find a map which shows the location and contact details of registered swarm collectors across the country.