Bulk Purchase Orders Arrive πŸš›πŸšš

Many members of WDBKA will be squeezing boxes of honey jars and fresh foundation into their beekeeping sheds and cupboards following the recent deliveries of large bulk orders.

Many thanks to Peter Crabbe and Carole Brown for overseeing this mammoth order. It is very gratifying to hear that we have saved well over Β£1000 by clubbing together to stock up with supplies.

The jar lorry was too big to drive up to deliver direct to Carole so we were grateful to Groves for allowing us to offload and ferry away from their yard.
We did our best to maintain our distance!

Three large pallets took quite a while to unpack and sort!

This week Carole took delivery of the foundation … just the one pallet …

… but enough to fill the garage …

…. and her dining room table and conservatory!

Thank you to everyone who placed an order and collected their items so promptly … much appreciated !

Thank you Carole and Peter … what’s next?!

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