Members are welcome to attend the Association Apiary meetings as advertised..  If you would like to go along, please check timings and remember to take clean gloves and boots. There are always plenty of suits available to borrow from the apiary.

Remember that the weather can lead to last minute changes … a quick phone call could save a wasted journey!

 Details of weekly visits and leaders can be found on the calendar and home page of our website.
The 2018 Apiary Management Committee -AMC –  have written a policy for the new season. Please take time to have a read … it explains the aims and management approach  we hope to achieve!
Click here to see a copy of the current Apiary Risk Assessment document. Please take time to read and follow the advice it contains.
Here is the latest report from the Apiary Management Committee –
Sunday 2nd September 
Hive 1 – Poly 14×12
All supers taken off and put in stack
Eggs seen – BAS – queen not seen
Plenty of stores at present – heavy to lift
Hive 3 Nat
All supers taken off except one with which was left on top at present – over Apiguard and QX – as we did not see any sign of egg/brood.  We put in a test frame of eggs from Hive 5.  If queenless decision was made to buy in a queen quickly.
Hive 5 Nat
Queen seen – BAS – one frame of eggs taken out and given to hive 3
Left one super on over brood box – QX removed
Fed 1 gallon of feed in a miller feeder
Hive 7 Nat
All good  – Cappings all cleaned up and taken off.  BAS – eggs seen.
Fed 1 gallon of feed in a miller feeder
Monday 3rd September
Inspected the one frame in Hive 1 only to find poor Queen Cells being built, obviously queenless. New queen ordered.
Wednesday 5th September
Queen arrived and put in Hive 3, after destroying the attempted queen cells – none of them were very good.  The temperament of the colony when we opened it up to start, was a bit sparky, then after putting the queen in (in its cage with its attendants) it was very noticeable that they all quietened down and appeared very content. Let’s hope they accept the queen when she is released from the cage.

For further details contact the Association Secretary by email or telephone: Tel 01308 456210