June Monthly Apiary Meeting for Beekeepers

It was a lovely sunny afternoon for our meeting on the 1st of June when Mervyn Bown the Dorset County President joined us.

Wood and straw hive dating from the 1880's

Wood and straw hive dating from the 1880’s

Sadly very few members came along to enjoy the demonstration and see the excellent collection of Queen Cages Mervyn had gathered over the years, which are now in splendid presentation case, plus a very old Wood & Straw Hive dating back to the 1880’s. Mervyn told us that he has kept bees in this hive over the years quite successfully, which holds 15 national brood frames — he has made a super that goes on the top to collect all the honey!

He then went through all our colonies at the apiary in doing so we collected 3 samples of bees for a nosema test from Colonies 2,4 & 6 , as Meryvn is very keen on microscopy, he kindly offered to take the samples home and look for nosema under his microscopes for us. A couple of days later he sent me the results –

Hive 2— light infection      Hive 4 – Medium      Hive 6 was clear.

There is always someone attending the apiary at the weekend on a Saturday —please do look at the Rota pinned on the shed and you are all most welcome to come along and join in the fun of going through the colonies of bees and seeing how they are progressing – best to ring one of the folk on the rota first to check time of the session or contact me and I can tell you who is on duty.

Carole Sec

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