WDBKA Varroa treatment

The colonies overwintering in the WDBKA apiary have been treated with Api-Bioxal. It was straightforward to follow the directions to mix the crystals with sugar solution and apply 5mls to each seam of bees.

At this time of year it is good to be able to have a quick peep under the crown boards and […]

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Apiary Clean Up

Many thanks to all those who joined the end of season apiary clear up event. In beautiful, warm sunshine, we scraped, scorched, scoured, swept and sorted! All the equipment is now ready for next year and the sheds are extremely tidy. The bee suits have been removed for washing and winter storage. Even […]

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Apiary visit for new Beekeepers

On Saturday 7th May a good number of students from the latest course for new beekeepers went to the WDBKA apiary to meet Kevin Pope, SBI.

It was a great opportunity for everyone to watch and learn as Kevin examined each colony to assess the health of the bees.

Thank you to several WDBKA members […]

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Apiary visit for new beekeepers

The second group of new beekeepers have now made their first visit to the WDBKA apiary.

The weather was warm and bright and the bees were too busy to take much notice! Eggs were spotted and brood in all stages was present for close scrutiny by the students.

An enjoyable afternoon was rounded off with […]

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The Annual General Meeting of WDBKA was held in November. Twenty six full members and friends gathered to share reports from the committee and renew and appoint a full complement of committee members for the next year.

Congratulations and thanks to Sarah Moore who has agreed to stand as our Chairman, with Liz Moxom as […]

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June Monthly Apiary Meeting for Beekeepers

It was a lovely sunny afternoon for our meeting on the 1st of June when Mervyn Bown the Dorset County President joined us.

Wood and straw hive dating from the 1880’s

Sadly very few members came along to enjoy the demonstration and see the excellent collection of Queen Cages Mervyn had gathered over the […]

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Simon Jones RBI demonstrates how to conduct an inspection for bee disease

On Saturday 4th May Simon Jones, RBI for the South West, visited the WDBKA apiary to lead a disease inspection. He started the afternoon talking about the anticipated arrival of the Asian Hornet and asked all beekeepers to be especially vigilant.

Asian Hornet trap

Our apiary may become a sentinel apiary with a specially […]

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First Apiary meeting of the year for WDBKA members

Members of WDBKA gathered at the apiary on Saturday 6th April for the first meeting of the season. Not surprisingly the weather was deemed too cold to open hives and inspect the colonies.

Hives were hefted to assess the weight of stores to keep the bees going whilst the cold snap continues. Varroa trays were […]

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