September Boil Up

Thank you to the small team who spent a hot and steamy afternoon boiling up countless brood and super frames. It is good to know that so many people took advantage of the opportunity to sterilise their equipment … an essential part of good apiary management.

A very wet morning gave way to […]

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Melplash and the County Honey Show 2018

Thank you to everyone for helping to make the 2018 Melplash Show such a success. We had a lot of entries and as you can see an impressive display of honey was delivered for Suzette Perkins to judge.

From this …

… to this!









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Weโ€™re nearly ready for Melplash … are you?!๐Ÿ

Many thanks to everyone who turned up this evening to prepare our marquee for the Melplash show on Thursday. We seem to have more space this year … it will soon be full of interesting bee-related activities and information. We look forward to seeing many friends … a great opportunity to catch up with everyone.


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Bee Safari … a grand day out๐Ÿ๐Ÿ

Members of WDBKA enjoyed a โ€˜grand day outโ€™ as they ventured into the narrow lanes of West Dorset for their annual safari.

Many thanks to the three WDBKA members who kindly welcomed us to their lovely garden apiaries…. thank you for the refreshments … and the delicious cakes to round off the event.



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Boil up!

A number of WDBKA members took the opportunity to have their frames sterilised in preparation for the new season. Many thanks to Geoffrey for organising the meeting … lighting the fire and getting the tank up to temperature. It took all morning to give everything a thorough boil … leaving plenty of time between each […]

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WDBKA supports Apple Day at Groves Nursery

Members from WDBKA had an enjoyable time at the Apple Day at Groves Nursery. The information stand was visited by many folk who were interested to chat about bees and taste the variety of honey samples on offer. Thank you to everyone who gave time to help out on the day, baked cakes and biscuits […]

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Melplash 2017

Very many thanks to everyone who came along to help before, during and after the show. We hope our visitors to the Bee Marquee had as much fun as we did!

We had a lovely display of honey and frames ready for extraction. There was a lot to see and do in the tent. The […]

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Honey for sale at Melplash

Preparations are well underway for the annual WDBKA Honey Show and sales at the Melplash Show.

The honey from the Association Apiary is now bottled and ready for sale … we are delighted that our bees have been so busy!

WDBKA honey from the Netherbury Apiary ready for sale.


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WDBKA Apiary Outing

On the 6th August members of the Association enjoyed a visit to Annabelle Jackman.

There was plenty of time for a leisurely inspection of her very calm and friendly bees before we all sat down to share a delicious array of teatime treats.

The skep cake was amazing … another entry for Melplash?!


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WDBKA honey extraction workshop

Many thanks to the small team of willing volunteers who helped to extract the honey crop from our Netherbury Apiary. We had five heavy supers to process and used two, six-frame tangential extractors to complete the job in good time. Several buckets of honey have been emptied into the settling tank, the empty supers are […]

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