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The site is designed to be a resource for members of the West Dorset Beekeepers’ Association (WDBKA) and for interested members of the general public.

Our Association draws its members from West Dorset, the area roughly west of Dorchester and the A37 (a smaller area than that covered by West Dorset District Council!)

Beekeeper opening hive

What to do if you have a swarm of bees turn up in your garden? DON’T Panic! Find out more, and where to get help, by clicking on the “swarms” tab above.

Thinking about starting to keep bees?… again, contact us and we should be able to help, guide and support you in this exciting new venture. We usually run our popular course for beginners, which starts in early February, based at the Christian Fellowship Hall, Bridport  7-9.30pm for seven consecutive weeks. This is followed by four practical sessions in our own teaching apiary, where you can gain some experience in handling bees yourself, even before you acquire your own. The apiary meetings for beginners run fortnightly on Saturday afternoons in April and May.

Cost £60, including a non-refundable £10 deposit. Numbers are limited to 20.

Let us know if you’d like to visit us or click the tab at the top of this page to find further details about our course.

Click here to find out about a new taster session we are holding in October 2015 for prospective Beekeepers. Come and find out more about our fascinating craft.


The WDBKA is affiliated to the BBKA – British Beekeeping Association. Their website provides a wealth of information and advice. All members of  WDBKA will have been issued with a membership card for the BBKA which includes login details and a password to gain full access to the BBKA site.

All beekeepers are encouraged to register with BeeBase,  the Fera National Bee Unit website. It is designed for beekeepers and supports Defra, WAG and Scotland’s Bee Health Programmes and the Healthy Bees Plan, which set out to protect and sustain our valuable national bee stocks.Their website provides a wide range of free information for beekeepers, to help keep their honey bees healthy and productive.

If you’ve read or heard about the pressures facing the honeybee – diseases, parasites, and so on – and would like to know what you can do to help, click here to download a list of Ten Things to do to Help Honey Bees. There’s guidance on everything from planting bee-friendly plants, through offering a home for a hive or two, to lobbying your MP to press for more support for research! If you’re interested in helping by planting bee-friendly trees, flowers or shrubs, click here to visit the comprehensive list published by the Royal Horticultural Society.

Melplash Memories

After another successful show we want to thank everyone for their support and enthusiasm.

Melplash is a brilliant showcase for WDBKA. We all had a great day!



Thank you Tilly ... our expert flower arranger.

Thank you Tilly … our expert flower arranger.

Thank you to all those who made delicious cakes to sell ... they didn't last long!

Thank you to all those who made delicious cakes to sell … they didn’t last long!

Honey sales were successful - a sell out!

Honey sales were successful – a sell out!

The observation hives are always popular.

The observation hives are always popular.

Congratulations for the Blue Ribbon - awarded for the best exhibit in the Honey Show.

Congratulations for the Blue Ribbon – awarded for the best exhibit in the Honey Show.

Ready for the live bee demonstration?

Ready for the live bee demonstration?

Visitors to the show enjoy a closer look ... what can you see?

Visitors to the show enjoy a closer look … what can you see?

An action packed, fun-filled day.

See you all next year!


Preparing the Bee Marquee

There was plenty of time to catch up with the latest weather news as a good number of folk came to help set up the framework of the Bee Marquee on Tuesday evening.

The bees have arrived – thank you Trevor – and the bee net is still in position!


2015-08-25 19.00.25


Tomorrow the finishing touches will be added – flowers, signage, floral display from Groves etc.

2015-08-25 18.59.50

Melplash is coming!

The first of several steps was taken this morning to begin to assemble the framework for our marquee at the Melplash Show. A group of trusty volunteers enjoyed the challenge of raising the bee net in far from ideal conditions.


Please remember that we are always glad to receive offers of help – don’t wait to be asked! Please take the initiative and if you can spare a bit of time either before or during the event we would be most grateful. Contact Caroline Dilke (01297 678741)  to book your slot to help on the all important fundraising cake stall. If you can spare time to bake some honey cakes – buns, shortbread, scones, flapjack etc – we would be delighted. You are welcome to drop them off before the show to Carole (01308 456210).


The bees will move down to their temporary enclosure on Monday evening and the set up team will return on Tuesday evening from 6.15pm to set out the tables, chairs etc in the marquee – again … many hands make light work.

We hope to see you there … !

Fingers crossed for an improving weather picture as the week progresses.

See you on Thursday.



Apiary visit for new beekeepers

2nd Student Group 2 18.04.15 - egg spotting!The second group of new beekeepers have now made their first visit to the WDBKA apiary.

The weather was warm and bright and the bees were too busy to take much notice! Eggs were spotted and brood in all stages was present for close scrutiny by the students.

An enjoyable afternoon was rounded off with a welcome cup of tea.

2nd Student Group 18.04.15


A little bee film

At this time of year it is always exciting when we can have a proper look inside the hives to see what our colonies have been up to.  Click on the link to the Guardian website below to see Carole and Ken in action in Spring 2011.

They were “volunteered” to take part in a short film about beekeeping for the Guardian website.  The opportunity came about when a friend of David Smith was talking with the filmmaker, Edwin Hasler of Soft City Films, about bees and the enthusiasm and dedication of beekeepers.  Inspired by the idea he approached the Guardian and was commissioned to make this short film that now appears on the Guardian website.


Practical sessions underway at the apiary

The first group of students have enjoyed their initial visit to the apiary.



Although the weather was dry and bright it was still a bit chilly for the bees.



Several hives were inspected and everyone had an opportunity to handle frames and begin to develop the ability to identify brood in different stages.  There will be plenty of time to practise their new skills in the following weeks.





A welcome cup of tea ended an enjoyable mornning.

WDBKA supports Apple Day

WDBKA was invited to attend the annual Apple Day event at Groves Nursery in Bridport on Sunday 12th October.

apple day

The stall was manned from 10am til 4pm.

It was a good opportunity to promote beekeeping and sell some of the WDBKA honey stocks.

Thanks go to everyone who helped out on the day – setting up, dismantling and taking time to chat with interested members of the public.

Bee Safari- – September 2014

Kevin Pope, seasonal bee inspector for Dorset, kindly agreed to run a mini safari in the Bridport area. On a glorious, sunny day we started at Mangerton Mill, where Paul Harris showed us a fascinating example of wild comb in a hive he had collected. Kevin’s advice was to leave it be for the winter, and carry out a shook swarm next spring.

hive roof
From there we drove to Annabelle Jackman’s apiary at West Milton, then to Matthew Count’s at Bothenhampton where we ate our packed lunches in his lovely garden. We finished up at Colin Clark’s apiary on the outskirts of Bridport.


As usual Kevin was a mine of useful information and advice, showing us how to diagnose bald brood, sacbrood, chalk brood and chronic bee paralysis virus — but fortunately finding no more serious disease in any colony. He emphasised the importance of continually checking the health of our bees — not only monitoring varroa drop, which appears to be increasingly inaccurate as the mites evolve to stay on the bees more firmly.

Personally I came away with a determination to use tweezers more often, to pull out and inspect any pupating bee that arouses suspicion as to its state of health.
Ten beekeepers attended all or part of the safari. Thanks are due to those people who bravely agreed to their bees undergoing inspection. I think we all learnt a lot.

Report kindly by Caroline Dilke

Melplash 2014 – Another Great Show!

Due to WDBKA hosting the County Honey Show we had two judges this year. Revd Francis Capener from Kent and Margaret Davies from Dorset were supported by stewards Katharine Singleton-Smith and Georgina Browning. Judges and stewards 2


The number of entries was down on last year which was surprising considering the good honey crops many members have experienced.

Revd Capener congratulates William Legg on his Blue Ribbon award.

Revd Capener congratulates William Legg on his Blue Ribbon award.


Full show results have been circulated with the September newsletter. Special mention should be made for William Legg, our youngest member, who was awarded the Blue Ribbon for Best in Show. William collected many points from his numerous entries and we wish him well as his scores go forward to the Massey Trophy, which will be decided at the Dorchester Show on the 6-7th September.

We were delighted to welcome Mervyn Bown, County President, to award the various cups, trophies and sponsorship prizes.

Mervyn Bown, County President awarded the cups and trophies.

Mervyn Bown, County President awarded the cups and trophies.

The live bee demonstrations were popular

The live bee demonstrations were popular

It was an excellent day for the ever popular bee demonstrations and many people expressed interest in joining our next course for new beekeepers. In fact by the end of the day we had filled the 20 places and have a waiting list! It is very encouraging to meet so many people who have such an interest in beekeeping.

I would like to thank all the exhibitors, especially our members who have joined in the fun of showing for the first time.

The cake stall is always popular.

The cake stall is always popular.

Many thanks to all the folk who made lots of honey cakes and everyone else who manned the honey sales, judges table,

Bee buns swarn ... but don't last long on the cake stall.

Bee buns swarn … but don’t last long on the cake stall.

information post, and observation hives.

Putting the finishing touches to the floral arrangements - thank you Tilly!

Putting the finishing touches to the floral arrangements – thank you Tilly!

The teams who operate behind the scene, helping out before, during and after the day -there would be no show without you.

With thanks to you all

Carole Brown

What do you mean ... there isn't room for the beehives?!

What do you mean … there isn’t room for the beehives?!

Melplash is nearly here!

The annual Melplash Show is very nearly here.

Members and friends from the association have been busy preparing for what promises to be an enjoyable day. The opportunity to catch up with friends …  and make some new ones … a chance to treat yourself to some delicious honey cakes.

A display of honey and hive  products to inspire you to have a go at entering new classes next year.

The stands are ready for entries.

The stands are ready for entries.


The finishing touches have taken place and we are ready!

Thank you very much to ‘Team Melplash’ – your contribution is much appreciated.


We hope to see you there.